Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

State Of The Game 24/05 Patch Day!

1.2 Comes out Today (Finally) Remember to update your clients!

Not a lot in today’s stream mostly some clarifications of the Patch Notes.

Clear Skies Incursion will only be available in Hard Mode for this week then challenge mode will be available from Next week giving you a week to master the hard mode.

There is no weapon balancing per say this patch, however as we are putting in gear sets that push you towards different weapons they want to see the feedback and outcome of these changes to try and push you away from the SMG / Sniper Rifle meta.

The AA12 Shotgun is not available for you to acquire in the game this patch, the reason being is because they had some issues with the weapon and had to drop it rather than release it broken. It was already in the trailer so this is why you can see it in the trailer and not in the 1.2 update.

Phoenix credits cap is 2000, this is not because they are adding more expensive items, there is nothing more expensive than what was already in the game, they are adding a few blueprints for the new gear sets (Guessing Masks and Kneepads like before). This means that you could go in on day 1 and buy a 2 set already before the getting into the new incursion.

Missed in the patch notes, the Sentry Calls bug where the damage buff was applied to players and not removed has been fixed in 1.2

The Tank set the buff is from when you damage an enemy with a grenade not when you just throw one.

To stop people dropping your gearscore in the Dark Zone they changed it to only take stats from your highest gear scored weapons rather than all 3, this should help.

Scavenging changes did not make it into the patch.

The And Many More in the patch notes, there are lots of small bug fix’s that you may have not noticed, like missing lights and textures which was not shown they are not ninja nerfs.

ISAC was part of the weekly assignment resetting on tuesdays and one of these was linked to the story of operation ISAC videos but now they have been separated, so you will have another weekly that will reset on thursdays. So when the patch goes live you won’t have this until Thursday and you get a cosmetic reward and 3 high end Div Tech.

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