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State Of The Game 23/06/2016

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last State of The Game due to E3.

Here’s what they have to say this week on the State Of The Game

The PS4 Patch is not ready to be pushed out on tuesday, meaning they will be further behind in terms of 1.3 to the other platforms.

They have mentioned there are changes coming to weapons, the started looking at the guns with no bonuses, so they added a bonus to LMG’s to do more damage to targets out of cover, its around 25% damage increase, This means totally not in cover, not popped up shooting from cover.

Shotguns get a large amount of Stagger against NPCs, these will be useful against rushers, but this won’t affect PVP instead they are getting an upwards of 33% damage increase. They are looking for some kind of effect of stagger that will affect players that they are happy with.

Assault Rifles get Armor Penetration, useful against elites and named NPCs and they did try versions of this to get it into the PVP meta, for now the DZ is full of NPCs so they are still viable it’s around 20% armor penetration damage.

Paper DPS calculates at the optimal range for the weapon, SMGs fall off quite aggressively over distance.

They have changed the bonus that rolls on the SMG’s, this will only affect new weapons after the patch, not current weapons, they want us to be able to gear for our guns they changed the roll to be Critical Strike Damage, which works out as a slight buff to SMGs.

The Vector and Aug have had their base damage reduced by 10% this will affect existing guns before the patch.

There is also a subtle change to the M1A there is a limit to how inaccurate it gets, this has been increased on the M1A to help stop them being rapid fired.

This technically means you can dump any gun that will get a set bonus that currently does not (Yay for more inventory space)

They are aware of the Tanktician meta and they will monitor this to see if it reduces with the changes to weapons.

Sentry and Striker sets that have been changed, they have known that use these 2 have been the goto set, they have taken the power from the 2/3 piece bonus and moved them to a 5 piece? bonus, so the whole set has its power, but will stop some mixing of gear.

Special Ammo Changes, they have nerfed Explosive and Fire ammo to 75% effectiveness, fire ammo now only lasts for 30% that it used too, the explosion from the explosive ammo will always be 1-1, you will not be one shotted by the M44 + Explosive ammo.

The Battle Rifle will not be in 1.3, it’s a WIP and is not quite ready.

The fully automatic shotgun with a drum magazine, as a talent called the showstopper, it makes the reticle smaller the less ammo you have (This is the free talent)

The G36 AR that rolls with a talent towards Skill Usage. When your skills are not active you get more damage from the gun.

Marksman Rifles, the Decisive talent allows for your next shot to be a guaranteed crit after killing a target

A new smg will have a talent that allows the more you crit the faster you can reload.

You will now be able to recalibrate your weapon talents, this is what Weapon Kits are for, you will be able to pick a talent on your gun and re-roll it to a new one, this will work the same as the normal re-calibration.

There will be a Special Report again on monday and a Weapons blog coming later tonight

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