Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Saturday/Sunday Stream Recap

So after a week off I managed to get some stream time back in again.

On Saturday I started off by trying to solo one of the weekly HVT’s (The Easier ones) Lt. Krieg

Later in the day I tried to do the Incursion with some guys from stream, it was painful, needless to say it didn’t end well, and i’m not going to subject you to a video of people playing terribly!.

In the evening I then went off and had more failures trying to do the HRT’s for some reason the day wasn’t mine to have.


On Sunday I started off trying to get my Falcon Lost done, as you can see it ended up being a 2 man for most of it as 2 guys didn’t have a clue and died every 2 seconds.

After that I ate (NOM!) and went off to farm some more intel tokens once I had enough I did the other HVT for the other skin

Then I broke my car! I put the wrong fuel in meaning I had to call someone out to drain the tank then the guys fixing it making it worse, Meaning I am many £’s down 🙁

But my stream managed to cheer me up and we had quite a fun day, we ended up 3 maning Clear Sky

We ended up running it again after that with 2 extra peeps and managed it again but with 4 this time, took a few tries but it went down again.

We then went off to the Dark Zone, hoping to gain some levels (That didn’t happen) but we ended up going after some rogues, then going accidental rogue, the people wouldn’t leave us alone so it all went crazy!


So we went north and then it seemed to all happen again in the Q building some accidental rogues turned up and it all went crazy!

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