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State Of The Game 28/06/2016

Here is my round-up of the State of the game on the day 1.3 patch and DLC drops on PC and Xbone.

PS4 are going to have to wait around 1 week (July 5th) for the 1.3 patch then until august 2nd for the DLC.

They gave us some reminders with release dates.

Update 1.3 and the Underground DLC for PC and Xbox one Today.

For PS4 Players the 1.3 update will be released July 5th and then the DLC will be released August 2nd.

Due to the delay on the PS4 Update the Anniversary outfits will be available on July 5th for the free outfits and get their first backwards cap!!!!

You will need to goto the Ubisoft club and redeem it, it will then show in game.

You are able to just buy the Underground DLC by itself without buying the Season Pass. This should be available in your store depending on the platform.

A Few things are going to be changed after the release of this patch.

The Showstopper the talent re-calibration is currently not working, but it will work.

The ShowStopper will work with Sentry today, however this will be fixed and it will not work with Sentry set.

The G36 its base damage is slightly too high, this will be brought down to a more balanced level

Fixed the bug where loot containers were not showing up when using the loot container pulse mod.

Fixed the bug where the rogue icon would stay on the map after the rogue was killed.

Fixed a bug that caused numbers to be rounded incorrectly.

Underground is on a separate game server to the reset of the game, this means that the population will be handled differently to the main servers, this means you may experience waiting queue when you try and play Underground.

People that buy the season pass will retroactively get all the previous items that season pass gets.

The old gear sets will go up the new high item level of 262, you will need to do Heroic mode to get this gear level and the 231+ DZ Bracket.

They have plans for Scavenging it’s good for leveling up, so you have a chance to get items of a higher quality, they are looking at it to make it work better with the new systems.

Weapons Skins taking inventory space is something they are working on

The Heal Delay this is something that is also under investigation, this is a tricky one but they are working on it

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