Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Stream Re-cap 25/05/2016

So I did not get much time to play last night, Due to the Mrs wanting to watch both Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful however here’s what I managed to knock out.

Avoided the Darkzone today because I can now! and gave the new Search And Destroy missions a try.

Seemed pretty straight forward I also didn’t realise the mobs dropped the intel tokens as well so need to make sure you loot corpses!

Then I went and did the Hardest dayile Contract I could get

as you can see this didn’t go well first time (Mostly because of my spray and pray) possibly because it says “Group recommended” but I managed it second time around

Then I helped someone in the stream run a couple of hard modes i’m not going to highlight this one mostly because the guys mic was ouch.

After that I left the group and popped into the new Incursion by myself just to see how far I could get

as you can see not very far, but further than I expected someone with better gear could probably solo this with no issues at least the start at anyrate.

Then I popped off to the Dark Zone and for some reason even though im GS 199 I am pushed into the 201+ bracket good news for me and getting gear i guess not good for grouping with people i play with however 🙁

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