Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

State Of The Game 09/06

Here’s my round up from today’s State of the game.


A wild hamish appeared for the SOTG, taking a short break from his holidays.

There was a Teleport issue where you would get teleported back to the safe house, they have fixed 2 in the DZ and one in the open world so you will no longer get randomly teleported back to a Safe House.

The no respawn which was abit too close at the entrance, this has been moved abit further into the entrance so you will still be able to find players. If you manage to accidentally start it and have the no respawn issue, goto the entrance and change the difficulty and change it back so you can restart it again.

This is only for the Hard Mode, so the issue will still happen in challenge mode, so beware!

Clear Sky Challenge mode has dropped today, it looks like the hard mode but apparently plays differently, if you feel it is impossible it is not, you need to learn the pattern and have a strategy to complete challenge mode.

You will need tanky players to carry the box, DPS to protect them and healers to heal them so it should be more like an instance rather than a wave exercise.

Challenge Mode will always drop 240 doing the weekly will drop double the 240 drop meaning more good loot!.

E3 they are heading out next week and will be there, they will be streaming from E3 along with some other titles, 40mins of the live stream will be The Division they will be afew things mentioned there.

This stream will be 8PM PDT Tuesday Night, and it will be on the Ubisoft channel and be re-broadcast.

The one thing that happened there was a change to the Crit Chance cap, you used to be able to go over the 60% it was always supported to be a hard 60% cap, which you should not be able to go over. They apologise it wasn’t intended to be hidden and they are looking to see why it wasn’t communicated.

There is a rumor that they have stealth nerfed the drop rates in the DZ, this is not true they have not touched anything in relation to DZ Drops.

They are happy with the loot drops right now after the change to the Quality and Quantity of loot that is dropping so there is no need to reduce the loot drops at this time.

They know where they want to go and step by step they will get there.

Stash Size Increase, so it’s happening (YAY!) they have a solution and it should be in 1.3 which will increase the stats size.

They have a plan for LMG’s and Shotguns that is coming in for 1.3, every weapon type will have its own bonus (Primary and Secondary) to ensure that all weapons are viable. They are really eager to find out what players think about the changes when they come.

They are seeing more shotguns in the DZ so some diversity in weapons are starting to come in but its not balanced yet, this is coming with 1.3

Scavenging right now it makes it so you have a chance to increase the QUALITY when a piece of gear drops so from an NPC its a chance to be a higher quality (Not item level?) and a chance to get yellows from the crafting chests.

Skill power has not been nerfed on the Skillpower side nothing has been changed, and if there were they would have told us.

There is no SOTG Next Week, as they are at E3.

Datamining only gives you access to the client files, anything thats server related you wont see so any old code that is now server side may give you incorrect information.

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