Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021
sony console


In our travel to improve our stream we are always looking out for those that can help us get to our goal and we have found such a party.

We have hooked up with Visuals By Impulse a Stream Graphic creation team who have proudly sponsored us.

Thanks to this deal we are able to offer to every viewer the following discount code SONY20 this will enable you to get 20% off any order of pre-made graphics!!!

We are currently using one of their premade sets which are clean and make our stream look tons better. with Starting, Intermission and Overlay screens all for a reasonable cost!

Sony Console

If you want to see our full stream setup make sure you pop by next time we are live!

If you want any custom work done as well i would also recommend checking these guys out as i have seen some of their stuff and its needless to say its pretty sweet!

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