Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Saturdays Stream Recap 21/05

So as it was a busy weekend I didn’t get much playtime in however I did manage a double stream on the saturday.


So in the morning I got an impromptu stream running before I ran off to the Zoo for the day, I was trying to mash some quick XP down in DZ 01-02 and had 3 guys go rogue on me.

So then I was going to make my way up the map and it turns out they were outside again and I went accidental rogue again and died :(.

So I fast traveled up a few zones. and had a fairly clear morning in the Dark Zone killing NPC’s

In the evening we did quite a painful experience (I was unsure if the other players had done it before) FL Incursion on normal, No wipes but wasn’t the most fun experience.

We then spent some time in the dark zone pretty uneventful other than some guys constantly going rogue in the north of the map, I wanted to know if they were cheating or outside the map so we went up and took a peak.

Turns out they weren’t cheating as such just abusing each other to rank up but I was happy with the rank 3 rogue survival.

We then went off to try and 2 man the Incursion, we couldn’t manage it died lots, don’t think we are quite there yet and Gulten still dies alot, I didn’t highlight this one but if you want to watch it you can view it on my stream playbacks

Satudays Playback

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