Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

State Of The Game 26/05 Post 1.2 Roundup

So today’s state of the game.

The only fix from today’s maintenance is if you didn’t notice daily missions didn’t work yesterday again so they have hopefully fixed it this time with this maintenance. (Fingers Crossed).

1.2 was a big PVE update allowing players to get great gear from outside of the Dark Zone rather than the Dark Zone being the only source of Gear.

There is some confusion with the Dark Zone gear score, it is working correctly, however you don’t see your theoretical gear score.

There is a gear score you see on your Character sheet, then there is a theoretical one based on Equipment, Inventory and Stash.

The theoretical will take account of all of your best gear from the above locations  but only the one best weapon rather than all 3 weapons (So this is divided by 7 instead of 9)

The Clear Sky incursion is for people that are geared is very easy, but that’s not the average player in the division but not so much on challenge mode which comes out next week.

This incursion is designed to be the same difficulty as Falcon Lost, but because the mechanics are different it is quicker to do, challenge mode should be more challenging.

We would expect if you can do Challenge mode Falcon Lost you should be able to do Clear Sky without much issue.

ISAC changes today, it is now its own weekly assignment, so we have 2 weeklys instead of the one, possibly that today’s reward is a beanie.


Known Issues

They have a new section on the forums that covers what they know is wrong and show what’s being fixed.

The Double UI Issue is one of their top priorities they have a client fix for this which they want to deploy ASAP the eta is going to be the end of the week, PS4 and PC end of the week and XboxOne will be next week. There should be no maintenance for this fix.

Graphics Distortion not sure what this one is but it has been reported and is looked at.

Mark as Junk not working is a top priority.

Some items changed from 50 to 80 in the DZ for recommended rank, they have a fix which should be deployed next server maintenance.

One is None the initial bug has been fixed, however now if you reload your weapon when one is none is triggering it will now jam the weapon they are looking into this.

Dark Zone 06 Teleporting back to the checkpoint, this is a server fix it will be either next week or week after.

Electronic store also has the same issue.

Critical S&D you should always have one, but sometimes if you keep doing them they won’t show anymore (I have had this bug) they are looking into this one cause is unknown.

Daily HVT there seems to be an issue where it is selecting some from the day before they show as completed still, only new ones reset this is being looked into.


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