Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Stream Re-cap 26/05/2016 (Clear Sky)

This is the 3rd time I have typed this out, so I apologize now if this is a bit short but my save button doesn’t seem to be working :(.

PSA: Running the new incursion the moment you step into the instance no other players can be added to group, you will have to disband and start again, so please ensure you have a full group before walking in!

So I spent last night mostly doing one thing Incursions.
The first half of the night I spent trying Clear Sky I played it with some guys I know, we found the best tactic for us seemed to be to use the middle as our kill point and group up there.
We also found the Right fuse to be harder than the left mostly due to the lack of cover when moving it.
I am not going to make a video of this one (Mostly because we didn’t kill it) but we did spend some considerable time wiping, mostly due to the lack of DPS.
This is a gear check fight, and if you cant kill stuff fast enough you do quickly get overwhelmed by NPCS we got the last boss to spawn a few times but never with enough mobs down to be able to handle it.
Eventually they gave up and decided to have a break, so I moved over and did a quick Falcon Lost

As you can see fairly standard clear, everyone pretty much knows the score these days with this one.
I then decided to try and pug Clear Sky, it took a few tries eventually finding a locked instance but the group were willing to disband and start again, so we did. I ended up on party chat with 2 of the group the 3rd being a bit of a loose cannon.

As you can see we cleared it! Incursion Down! it wasn’t clean but it worked.
I think what helped here as well was someone using Sentys set to debuff the yellow guys this helped them pretty much melt, I can see Sentry set still being useful going forward because of the net group DPS Gain definatly a must for challenging.
Fay Lau also has a little speech to say back in the BOO

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