Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Thursdays Stream of fun

So after I caught up on last nights stream I decided to slam back into the Dark Zone to try and get further towards my goal of Rank 75.

It started off interestingly being barley 10 minutes in and someone decides to go rogue on me.

I popped my Sig too early meaning when I actually needed it, I didn’t have it so I got wrecked I can only guess those 2 guys were playing together.

Then through the rest of the night I started playing with people from the stream (Thanks for the fun guys!) we ended up farming around DZ 5/6 and doing the Triad of doom.

Unfortunately I didn’t make my rank 75 in DZ and doubt ill get time tonight to do it.

We did however come across a predictable group when trying to extract up in DZ 6. One of our group missed the extraction, so we went back to ensure he got his stuff out and this happened.

One of the better Rogue defence experiences I have had! Aston did get his stuff out but didn’t survive the fight

Then I did a quick hard mode to finish the night and test out this self preserved Midas, not 100% sure if I liked it however, I also accidentally grouped us hopefully the gear score 73 guy got some stuff!



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