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19/05/2016 State Of The Game Roundup

Well another state of the game has been and gone and here’s the round-up of what was said.

It was a short State of the game due to a special report tonight showing lots of 1.2 stuff including some Gameplay of 1.2!

Banned players from the ban waves have started re-joining the game, since they have come back they have already done a large Perma Ban wave of these players (Some people don’t learn it appears!).

Server Side Cheat Detection has been increased.

Special Report is at 6pm UK Time.


10am PST


3am AUS

This is more playtime on 1.2 and we can see what’s coming.

They replayed the Conflict trailer

the ISAC assignments are now coming out on thursdays and no longer linked to the weekly and are a new weekly with a new reward, this reward will be exclusive vanity items.

Stash Size is something they are working on along with skins not taking space, there are technical issues as to why they can’t just add a 0 to the end of it, apparently this is more to do with data traffic between the servers and they want to test this properly before rolling this out it will be coming but not with 1.2

Stash’s have also been added to the DZ Checkpoints (less fast travelling around).

level 34 Shotgunners and Snipers have been Nurfed, making Challenge mode a little easier.

Rope Cutting (Hijacking) The moment you start an interaction you go 19 second rogue, then if you finish the 5-6 second timer you get a rank 1 rouge, getting shot will cause there to be a push back on the rope cut, this also goes across to supply drops hopefully stopping people popping survivor link and getting Supply drops.

Scavenging is being reworked more information on this tonight.

NPC Speech has been reduced in the BOO (No more Fay wishing she could get out there!).

Auto-Aim on PC Has finally been fixed.

1.2 will have the ability to toggle aim so you can go straight to scope, you will also be able to rebind the Alt key.

Source: Http://www.twitch.tv/TheDivisionGame

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