Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

7 Days To Die Patch 1.07 (Patch 5) Patch Notes Patch Being Verified

Patch 1.07 AKA Patch 5 is off for verification meaning best case scenario we should be seeing this before the end of next week!

Of course Sony/Microsoft could take ages verifying the patch or there could be an issue with the patch itself but hopefully in afew days we will see this one live.


The most exciting of all these fix’s is that POI’s are finally fixed in the console version (I Hope). the most common question i can see is this.


Q: Do i have to reset my world for POI’s (Points Of Interest) to show in the game?

A: Yes! you will need to create a new game to get POI’s to show, you cannot use your current save this will not work, you can re-use the same SEED so the map will be familiar to you

Patch Notes

Here’s what we have to look forward too.
Distant Terrain

* Distant terrain setting that allows you to see terrain in the distance

* It is set to OFF by default: Go to Options > Video > Display Distant Terrain to toggle it ON

* It is only available in single player and online multiplayer games (not local multiplayer)

* In online games, each player can toggle it on or off without conflicting with other players’ settings


* Fixed an issue where random gen maps would not generate certain Points of Interest
o This will only be fixed on new random gen worlds created AFTER the installation of patch 5
o Random gen worlds created before patch 5 will not include the fix

* Fixed an issue where switching between different random gen worlds on the same run of the game could sometimes cause terrain generation corruption. When this bug would occur, the terrain generation corruption could cause chunks to be in places they did not belong leading to incomplete buildings and vertical walls of terrain. The next time the map was loaded after starting the game fresh however, the system would recognize the corrupted chunks and automatically try to correct the terrain generation and any player made changes to these corrupted chunks would be lost. With this fix the terrain generation corruption should no longer occur when switching between random gen maps on the same run of the game.

* Fixed an issue where the experience level of some skills/perks would not display correctly after the system language had been changed

* Fixed an issue where changing the system language would cause some elements of worlds created with a different language setting to change location or reset

* Fixed an issue where hunger and hydration would drop if the player hit the Guide or PS button on the controller to return to the dashboard or home screen

* Changed the quest tracker so that it will appear during local multiplayer games


* Fixed an issue in which the SFX of certain weapons would only be audible for the first player in split screen

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