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Challenge Mode Incursion With Viewers Day! 14/07/2016

Hi guys and girls

Tonight during my stream (Around 19:00 British Summer Time BST) I will be attempting Challenge Mode Incursions with Viewers.

If you haven’t completed this yet and want to give it a try in a more “friendly” (Just don’t piss off Gluten 😀 ) environment then I plan to do Challenge Mode Falcons Lost (If its working) and Clear Sky.

Whilst I won’t care too much about gear score, you must at least have completed the challenges on hard and have a nicely balanced gear set to ensure you’re not getting face stomped, If your gear score is super low and you fall over every 2 seconds I will have to replace you sorry :(.

If there is lots of interest we will go for a certain number of wipes, then rotate the players if no progress is being made and if we manage a clear we will then swap the players for fresh blood.

First half of the night will be FL, then the second half will be CS if FL is playing ball and not causing session lag.

We are also happy to have people shout from the sidelines and give us tips to get through the incursion i’m sure many different tactics will be tried.

For most people i’m sure you have done this, but more often than not i see a “I haven’t done incursion on Challenging yet because group is XYZ) I have completed it once, and by no means am I an expert however together we can do anything!

So PS4 Players pop by my stream

[plumwd_twitch_stream channel=”SonyConsole”]

And join us for some incursion fun!

Follow my on the stream and on my twitter Http:// to find out when I go live

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