Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Fortnite 4.0 Season 4 goes Live!

sSeason 3 has now come to a close and Season 4 is now officially live across all platforms (Hurrah!).

New Skins, Dances, Gliders and even Sprays! have joined us along with some wider game changing map hits (RIP Dusty Depot, Long Live Dusty Divot). Heres a look over some of the more interesting patch notes.

Full List Here (Source : Epic Games)

Starting Island buildings can now be destroyed. Not the battle bus though.

No more hitting the items around the starting area and nothing happening. How long until someone creates a video of an empty starter island? lets wait and see!


UI Improvements

There are a number of UI improvements and from what I have seen its looking SWEET as nuts some of and not limited too.

  • Random Everything: Random Skins, Picks, Gliders the works (Needed for us of those with “Lots” of skins)
  • Any Emotes Anytime!: No limits on emotes you can carry into a game


Skins, Sprays Etc

The new Skins and Dances and even sprays are awesome! Sprays being the best thing I have seen so far, these work similar to the Counter strike sprays and seemingly can be placed on any surface!


The map itself has taken a hit, with new buildings in Moisty, “Dusty Divot” and some action around the north theirs a lot of new places to check out and see whats going on, this defiantly brings in a new “Feel” to the game.


  • Crossbow has been vaulted: No more awesome crossbow shots 🙁 I will miss this one, it was an awesome weapon and i enjoyed it.
  • Rock Bits: In (At least Divot)! there are blue rocks you can consume that allow you to jump higher and fall slower (Anti-Grav!)



So whilst i haven’t had a chance to play myself. From what i have watched so far looks awesome i cant wait to jump in and get on and get my first victory of the season!

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